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Our Attorney Can Help Washington Residents Draft a Will

Having a will is a very important part of adult life, and if you live without one, you risk leaving your family in a tricky situation should you pass away. Passing away intestate can have consequences, including passing your assets on to people and organizations over which you have no control, and even passing your children on to guardians over which you have no control. When you call Attorney Timothy R. Berggren, in Washington, PA, you can begin to work on establishing a will to make sure your family is in good hands when you pass. Drafting a will is not a do-it-yourself project. You need a legal expert on your side, and you can trust The Law Offices of Timothy R. Berggren to draft a will and testament that meets your needs. To begin, consult with the Washington area’s legal leading attorney with experience in drafting a will. Call The Law Offices of Timothy R. Berggren today at (724) 222-4880 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

Form a Trust With the Help Of Our Washington-area Attorney

There are a few options that exist when it comes to forming a trust. When you form a trust, you can pass your assets to a certain person for distribution at a specified point through a third party. This legal option enables you to provide for your family in the amount of time you see fit. Additionally, you can utilize a living trust, which can allow you to pass assets to a beneficiary while avoiding probate. There are a number of options when it comes to your estate, and Attorney Timothy Berggren can help you with any of them. Give our law office in Washington a call today and get started on forming a trust with our experienced trust attorney.

Ask Our Attorney About Estate Planning in Washington County, PA

If you live in the Washington County region, you can count on Attorney Timothy R. Berggren to assist you with any of your estate planning needs. From wills and trusts to advance health care directives, you can make sure your future and the future of your family is in good legal standing for years to come. You own your assets and you deserve to have complete control over what happens to them. Call our law office today and ask about how estate planning can help accomplish your goals.