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File Articles of Incorporation with an Experienced Attorney in Washington

If you plan to start a business in the Washington County area, the first thing you should do is talk to a lawyer with experience in business law and incorporation. Attorney Timothy Berggren, in Washington, PA, can help folks like you start your business and file articles to start a corporation. Whether you seek to form an S-corporation or a C-corporation, our attorney will work with you and explain the benefits and disadvantages to both of them. Whether they affect you in terms of taxation, costs, or liability, you can discuss your options with our attorney and begin the process of filing articles of incorporation. For more information on forming a corporation, call The Law Offices of Timothy R. Berggren at (724) 222-4880 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

Ask Our Attorney About the Benefits of Forming an LLC

Another option for forming a business in Southwestern PA region is a Limited Liability Company, better known as an LLC. LLCs differ from traditional corporations in a number of ways, and just like corporations have a number of advantages and disadvantages. A few of the advantages include more flexibility, no double taxation, and less paperwork, while some of the disadvantages include higher personal taxes, and potentially less investors than corporations. To find out more about whether an LLC is right for you, talk to the corporate lawyer at The Law Offices of Timothy R. Berggren. Visit our office in downtown Washington, PA, for more information.

Employment Law Representation from a Qualified Attorney in Washington

If you work in Washington, PA and suffer discrimination or unlawful treatment in the workplace, Attorney Timothy Berggren is here to help. Whether your employer discriminated against you, you experienced sexual harassment, or were wrongfully terminated, one call to our law office can make a difference in the compensation you receive after being wronged. For these issues, and others, including breach of contract and whistleblower protection, visit our office in the Washington Trust Building today.